Burn & Learn

One Saturday each month, Jaime Andrews Fitness will team up with Johanna O’Connell Kracke to offer BURN & LEARN!: 1 hour of boot camp lead by Jaime, immediately followed by a 1 hour online casino deutschland with Johanna. Snacks & refreshments will be cbd syrup effects!


“Fueling Your Workout”
Saturday, July 21
(Open to members & non-members)

Whether your goal is weight loss or muscle gain, if you expect to see results from your workouts, NUTRITION IS KEY!! In this seminar we will discuss the why, when & how of fueling for fitness. For example…

  • Breakfast before a morning workout–yes or no?
  • Is there a time window for eating post-workout?
  • Caffeine–as a boost before a workout, as recovery from a workout, or something to avoid?
  • Should I be using a protein supplement or shake?


Email Jaime to sign up and secure your spot or join on Facebook.