Power Supply

For simpler, stronger, tastier living!

Locally made, responsibly sourced, super tasty, prepared fresh and super convenient meals!

Meal options include mixitarian (meat and veggie template, including gluten free grains and the like), vegetarian and paleo meals, as well as soups and bars. They’re tasty, nutritious and easy to adjust to your personal food plan.  Given how busy we all are, it’s a great route for staying with better eating, getting some ideas for your own cooking and managing the time crunch.

Why Choose Power Supply?

  • Locally prepared meals, less miles traveled, more support for this community
  • Greater menu diversity for tons of choice so your taste buds stay interested
  • Simple ordering of recurring plans and simple menu customization when you wish
  • Meal sizes and portions for every appetite from the grazer to the big eater
  • Wide protein variety including seafood and the vegetarian kind

Follow this link and you’ll get a FREE meal with your first order!

Enjoy, and let me know what you think.