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Emily Smith

I can’t say enough good things about Jaime. She is an excellent trainer–extremely knowledgeable and highly trained! She challenges me but she doesn’t push me so hard that I want to quit (which is what every trainer I’ve ever had has done to me until Jaime!). She always has a personalized workout for me that’s not only challenging but teaches me new exercises which keeps me motivated and excited about my workouts. She is accommodating and flexible with her schedule. And the most life-altering thing she has done for me: she has helped me learn to build self confidence and I am feeling so much better physically and mentally!

Aliza Blumstein

Recovering from a knee injury and having gained a substantial amount if weight, I needed to build my confidence and regain my strength. I enlisted Jaime’s personal training expertise and I couldn’t be more satisfied. Jaime’s patience, encouragement, and motivational skills have helped me to persevere and achieve my goals. Her support is nothing short of inspirational. Jaime is truly the best of the best!

Kimballe Campbell

Jaime has been my trainer for over 4 months and she’s great! She pushes me to do more than I think I can physically do and that has helped me to become a lot stronger and physically fit. She’s always prepared with a creative, personalized workout which shows me that she listens and understands my personal fitness goals, is taking care to learn more about where my fitness level is and what my body needs. She also provides great general health and fitness tips for everyday life.

Dennis Johnson

Her knowledge and skill set, combined with an infectious energy and attitude, creates a motivated workout setting for persons of any experience level or fitness goal. Whether you’re just starting out and trying to get in shape, or working to push your body to the next level, Jaime has a program in mind for you.

Jennifer Margiotta

What impresses me most about Jaime is her vast knowledge about fitness and her ability to challenge us with each new workout. I had a gym membership for years, but I had a difficult time adding in strength training and abdominal work into my predominantly cardio routine. Jaime’s boot camps easily weave those exercises into our workout, and I feel stronger than ever before. Her motivational techniques and fun attitude inspire me to push myself in directions I would not normally go on my own. I am extremely glad I made the choice to join Jaime’s program.

Victoria Piazza

Jaime’s boot camps are awesome! They remind me of those Saturdays when I was younger and played hard at sports or biking and just pushed myself without even thinking about it. And doing it with a group – all of the boot campers are soooo nice – just makes it all the better. It’s really both physically and mentally satisfying. Jaime really has the perfect approach and personality for her profession.