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Why Jaime Andrews Fitness?

Jaime Andrews Fitness is powered by my love of fitness and the will to help other people reach their wellness goals. After spending several years gaining experience in corporate gym management. I set out on my own, empowered and prepared to offer motivated individuals something affordable and different. I opened Jaime Andrews Fitness in 2011 and haven’t looked back.

I strive to offer more than just a typical gym experience. Typical big-box gyms host several hundreds of members that are seen as just names on a list. Fitness goals are ignored and focus is placed on moving people in and out. On the flipped, I have designed a unique personality for my fitness programs that focus on the personal goals of each client. Free from the confines of a typical gym and its stale rotation of treadmills and other machines, my fresh perspective on fitness and total wellness stands out among competitors in the Wilmington market.

With a warm and personable approach, I shepherd the most inexperienced clients into challenging workouts, reassuring them that they don’t need to be intimidated. A master’s degree in counseling psychology and years of experience as a personal trainer lay the foundation for my unique ability to not only address physical needs, but also any mental or emotional roadblocks.

Getting to Know Jaime

Committed to fitness since I was 18 years old, my favorite fitness activities include running, CrossFit, weight training, and rowing. I have set and accomplished many of my own personal fitness goals. For example, I challenged myself to row 100,000 meters over a several weeks in 2011, and took second place in the female division of a local 8K & 5K race. I prefer to lead by example, which is why I maintain an active lifestyle and consider myself a gym coach and partner to all of my clients.

Fitness also helps me combat the effects of Celiac Disease, a lifelong, inherited autoimmune disease. When people with the disease eat gluten, it creates a toxic reaction that causes health problems. Through fitness and a healthy diet, I’ve overcome this challenge and will undoubtedly help you conquer your wellness hurdles, as well.

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