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Staying fit while you’re pregnant is important not only for you, but for your baby too! Jaime can help you find ways to stick to your fitness routine while you are trying to get pregnant, are pregnant or even after your pregnancy.

Women who exercise during pregnancy are more likely to deliver vaginally than those who do not, and show no greater risk of preterm birth.
Thomas Jefferson University study

Babies born to active mothers can have brain responses of a six to eight month old.
University of Montreal study

Every Woman is Different And Every Pregnancy is Different

Morning sickness? Check. Exhaustion? Check. Aches and pains everywhere? Check. Hitting the gym? Ahhhh, no thank you! Sound familiar? Finding the motivation to work out during pregnancy can be hard, but the benefits are well worth it.

Your individually designed pre or post pregnancy fitness program will be carefully tailored to meet your needs with an emphasis placed upon maintaining core fitness, stretching, strengthening and your pelvic floor in preparation for and recovering from giving birth.

The goal is for you to feel confident throughout your pregnancy, during labor and as you return to your old self so that you can fully enjoy the experience of being pregnant.

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‘During my first pregnancy I had crippling back pain and gained 40 pounds.  After I had the baby, I was still 25 pounds overweight and extremely out of shape from months of minimal exercise.  Jaime was my postpartum fitness trainer starting about 8 weeks after the birth.  Through thoughtful exercise design, nutrition planning and life coaching, Jaime helped me remove my mental and physical obstacles.  I lost weight, improved my strength, and regained my confidence.  My training days were highlights of maternity leave and I only wish Jaime lived closer so I could still see her!!” C.R.

“While recovering from childbirth, I soon got bored of long walks but was not ready to go back to CrossFit. Jaime Designed 5 workouts I could do at home or on walks/at the park with my baby in the stroller. They were easy to follow and she included links to demonstrations of movements. Jaime’s workouts really helped me start to get back into CrossFit style movements very gently. I really liked that I could do the workouts in my house or backyard too, and that I could get a good workout in with only 30 minutes while the baby was napping. During most of my maternity leave, it was really difficult to get out to the gym or be able to meet a specific class schedule, so being able to get a good sweat in at home was incredibly valuable. Working out is so important for your mental health postpartum, and I think it can be frustrating to get it in and know what to do without guidance from someone with Jaime’s professional and personal experience!” S.M.