Burpee Broad Jump Mile. Check.

August 25, 2016by

Today, I accomplished a goal I set about 2 years ago: I completed 1 mile of burpee broad jumps. Many of you are probably thinking, “what is a burpee broad jump?” (see here) while others are questioning, “why the (insert explicit) would you do that?” Simple; I saw another fellow crossfitter post it on their facebook page, and competition, I mean, determination kicked in. I wanted to find out if I was capable of this athletic feat. It would be a challenge and for those of you who know me, I love a challenge.

Leading up to the event, I was nervous and anxious, but told myself the goal was only to get it done. Time and total reps didn’t matter. It was slow and steady to the finish line.
A group of highly supportive (and slightly crazy) friends joined me for the challenge. Without the moral support from the group, I may have thrown in the towel (or might still be out there now instead of typing this blog). I’d look up and see someone a couple meters ahead of me, throw myself to the ground, stand and jump.

As I look back on those 2 hours and about 15 minutes, time flew, yet each moment lasted forever. It was far more mentally challenging than physically challenging. The mind wanted to stop long before the body needed to stop. During the 4th lap around the track, I started to feel pain in places I’d never felt before- in my toes, the palms of my hands- the smallest, most unnoticeable spots of the body, yet again, it was the mind playing tricks on me, forcing me to feel every pain, every sensation so that I would stop, but I stayed focused. I had a goal and the finish line was only 100, 75, 50, 25, 5, 1 burpee broad jump away.

The moral, the lesson from what some have labeled insanity, is to stay focused, to set goals and stay committed to them. You have the strength, but in challenging, tough situations, it’s mind over matter. You’ll feel tired, tight, and a bit nauseated, but the contentment of a goal completed far exceeds any sore muscle.

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