Boot Camper of the Month


Hannah Lerner

MY FITNESS JOURNEY IN 5 WORDS: Working out for wine & cheese!

MY BIGGEST MOTIVATION IS: In my job, I sit at a desk and in front of a computer all day, so I wanted to find an activity that would get me up and moving in the morning and inspire me to make healthy choices throughout the day. 

THE BIGGEST CHALLENGE I’VE HAD TO OVERCOME IN PURSUIT OF MY FITNESS GOALS: The hardest part for me has been actually getting out of bed, especially on those cold, rainy days when I really don’t want to. The thought of getting out of my warm comfy bed to go do burpees has been tough – but Jaime Andrews keeps it fun and interesting so it’s worth it!

MY FAVORITE OUTDOOR BOOT CAMP LOCATION IS & WHY: The church because I like the variety of exercises and doing the stairs! I also like working out in the studio because it’s fun to learn different exercises  and combinations that I can replicate at home on my own.

ON THE FLIP SIDE, MY LEAST FAVORITE OUTDOOR BOOT CAMP LOCATION IS: Dupont Circle because it means we have to run there and running is not my favorite form of exercise … at all!

I’M SEEING RESULTS/CHANGES IN MY – confidence in my athletic ability and stamina - AND I’M REALLY DIGGING IT! 

IN MY FREE TIME, I LIKE TO: Do yoga, read books on my kindle, and enjoy a good bottle of wine with friends!