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JRINK Juicery is DC’s first pure cold-pressed juice bar.  No sugars, preservatives, or pasteurization – our juices are 100% fresh fruits and vegetables, making the healthiest beverage for modern day busy people.  We are the fresh-pressed solution for life-pressed people.  
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Kerrie Martin
Live In Rhythm
Phone: 202-262-6788

Kerrie Martin is a Holistic Health Coach and the Founder of Live In Rhythm.  She offers one-on-one personalized health coaching to ambitious women who want to let go of dieting and strict “rules” so they can find a place of balance, ease, and joy in their relationship to food, body, and eating.  Her clients become more empowered and discover their own unique path to natural and sustainable weight loss, more energy, fewer cravings, improved digestion, and less stress.

Kerrie works from the premise that food changes everything. Additionally, her work is rooted in the philosophy that a true, lasting shape-shift in body and health must be accompanied by an inner shift.  Drawing from her background in holistic health, eastern and western dietary theories, mind-body nutrition, and personal development, Kerrie offers unique guidance and clarity in a world of mixed nutritional messages. Despite the numerous dietary theories that exist, living a sustainable healthy lifestyle starts with learning to listen to the messages sent by one’s own body.  Kerrie therefore starts by guiding her clients to decipher and tap into what she refers to as one’s own “body wisdom.” The outcome of this intuitive and holistic approach to wellness leads to weight loss, stress reduction, enhanced energy, clarity of focus, and improved digestion.


Helaina BernsteinHelaina_photo
Phone: 917-572-0008Helaina Bernstein is passionate about helping people achieve their health goals through better nutrition in the most practical way possible. She is a Certified Nutritional Counselor from the New York School of Integrative Nutrition. In her private practice, Helaina addresses individual needs and expectations by teaching clients how to make easy healthy choices on an ongoing daily basis. Her style caters specifically to busy schedules that require easily incorporated dietary changes. Helaina takes special interest in working with individuals who suffer from disordered eating, a common result from compulsive dieting.


Josh D’Angelo, PT, DPTJosh
Sports Therapy and Rehab, Inc
Phone: 202-223-1737

Josh D’Angelo is a board certified physical therapist in Washington, D.C. who offers hands-on, one-on-one physical therapy care. He believes in patient-centered therapy that utilizes manual therapy techniques, biomechanical analysis, and neurophysiological principles to bridge the gap between a patient’s goals and abilities. Josh is devoted to improving the physical therapy profession through strong PT-patient communication and views the relationship between the PT and patient as a fundamental factor in progress. All of Josh’s appointments are one-on-one and at least 45 minutes in length, allowing him to find and address the root cause of each patient’s pain and impairments.


Yoga District

Yoga District, the highest-rated DC yoga studio on for over a year, offers affordable and by-donation yoga classes in community-run yoga centers committed to eco-friendly practices. 5 studios conveniently located throughout DC.