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Wellness Coaching

Are you ready for change but unsure how or where to start?

  • Wellness coaching offers personalized support and motivational tools to help you develop a behavior plan that fits your needs and lifestyle for the kind of change you want to make!
  • Coaching takes place in a safe, supportive environment where you will recognize your past successes and identify obstacles that prevent you from making healthy choices now. During the process, you will identify a behavior that you want to change (such a lose a few pounds, eat better or lower stress) set goals, and break your goals into manageable steps.
  • Jaime is available to meet in person or over the phone. Sessions are 45 min and begin with the completion of a Wellness Questionnaire.
  • Call 202-412-8434 TODAY to schedule your complimentary session!

Coaching Client Testimonial

“Over the last course of the year, my lifestyle had changed significantly due to long days at work, little sleep, and just losing focus on what was important in my life. I was lucky enough to meet Jaime, and through her wellness coaching, I was able to re-prioritize a number of things in my life. Jaime helped me to increase both my energy and mood, just by making simple changes in my life. Each week, we addressed issues that were becoming a burden or obstacle in my life and with that information in hand, Jaime helped me to set small goals each week, which I have now implemented into my lifestyle as a whole. Each session was really a workout for my brain — she really tapped into my own insights to determine how to outgrow each challenge that I faced. I would recommend Jaime to anyone who is looking to make lasting and significant changes in their lifestyle – she will not only be your coach, but also your partner.” (K.A)